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Valya Stratosphere.

We are developing new systems to launch experiments and payloads in suborbital flight.

For us, reaching the stratosphere must be as easy as playing with construction bricks.

And we wanted it to be

We created an innovative structural design based on completely 3D printed modules.

Every module, each one dedicated to a specific task, can be inserted in an exostructure made of a composite material of carbon fibre.

By doing this, the modules also connect with each other.

Inside this modules are the pulsating hearts of our developing system.

Discover our breaking through data sensing and processing technology, developed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics.

lines of code

Complete control over data logging procedures and algorithms

One modular system.
One modular system.
Hundreds of applications.
The only limit is your creativity.

The space has never been this close to you.

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Technical sponsors

Technical sponsors